Nordic Scoot Championship is the epicenter of scooter championships and competitions in entire Europe. Nordic Scoot Championship is headquartered in Denmark and aims at promoting scooter sport by allowing riders better and global opportunities to express their skills. 

Nordic Scoot Championship may be new to the scene of scooter sports, but Nordic Scoot Championship has decades of experience behind our organization. 

Nordic Scoot Championship is established in 2021 as a completely nonprofit organization. Our organization was founded by passionate people who had only two things in mind. Promote this full-action scooter sport and use our organization as a platform to raise charities helping those who need us the most. 

The competitive scooter sports have seen an immense surge in their popularity in Europe; still, there's a lot to do when it comes to providing scooter riders an authentic platform and high-standard competing events.

Nordic Scoot Championship has a world-class facility equipped with all the modern features that a scooter rider can dream of. Though our headquarter is based in Denmark, our services are spread all across the Nordic countries. 

Nordic Scoot championship has the expertise of some of the scooter sports industry's biggest names who bring extensive experience spanning more than ten years. 

We excel at creating fiery and action-packed scooter events that include championships and also various competitions across Europe. This action sport belongs to the youngsters with exciting souls and adventurous personalities, and that is the spirit we want to show to the whole world by our events.

We want riders to showcase their freestyle and extreme talents to the world and let the scootering be as comprehensive of sports as any other sport.

What makes us different is that the Nordic Scoot Championship organization believes in inclusivity, and we are not restricted to any age group or gender. Whether you are a pro, an amateur, or a backyard scooter rider, with Nordic Scoot Championship, you can have a chance to shoot at the stars.

We are fueled by the passion for transforming scooter sports and making them accessible for everyone. Our goal is to increase the participation of people in scooter competitions and giving them opportunities to pursue their passion.

Today's young generation craves adventure, action, and thrill, and that's exactly what Nordic Scoot Championship is about. 

We value the passion igniting in our young scooter riders, and our goal is to create such an epic scooter competition to practice their skills freely. 

With us, you can sweat in an epic, cooler, and adventurous way by performing in world-class scooter competitions that will surely keep your adrenaline rushing.

From scooter championships to professional coaching, we have set a high standard that is hard to match across all European countries.

If you have a passion for performing gravity-defying scooter tricks or a spark to ride a scooter like a rocket, then the Nordic Scooter Championship is the right place for you. 

We won't only provide you top-class training and facilities, but you will also enjoy global exposure by performing in various Scooter Competitions in Europe.

Come and watch our events if you want to set your heart racing with adventure and witness some of the most insane, wildest, and adventurous skills of scooter riding.

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