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The Nordic Scoot Championship was formed in 2021 under the leadership of some of the biggest names of Scooter sports. 

The main office and birthplace of the Nordic Scoot Championship is Copenhagen- the capital of Denmark.

Our mission is to create better opportunities for scooter sports enthusiasts and build a platform for young and aspiring scooter riders to flourish and excel in their skills.

Currently, The Nordic Scoot Championship offers its services from three different locations, which are mentioned as follows.

  • Urban Street Zone in Denmark
  • Hangaren in Sweden
  • Scooterhut Arena in Norway

We are the most inclusive scooter sports organization and are open for every scooter rider. No matter at which stage of sports you are, you are always welcome at The Nordic Scoot Championship.

We ace at creating the most thrilling, adventurous, and wildest Scooter riding contests. Primarily we organize and events of Scooter Championships and competitions.

The Nordic Scoot Championship holds scooter riding events across Europe. With us, you get to participate with the top and the most elite scooter riders in Europe. You won’t only get to see these pro scooter riders perform but also learn with them.

We are a nonprofit scooter sports organization. All our earnings, profits including revenue, are used to improve our events and support the scooter industry.