Nordic Scooter Championship Sponsorship We Thank You!

To say it simply, our sponsors are who provide us the fuel to follow our passion for the adventurous sports of Scooter riding. Without the unwavering support of our generous sponsors, The Nordic Scoot Championship would not have been able to contribute towards the world of scooter championships. With the help of our sponsors, we have undoubtedly managed to organize world-class and highly competitive scooter championships and various scooter competitions up and down the whole of Europe.

Our sponsors' support makes it possible for aspiring and passionate young scooter riders to pursue their passion and keep it ignited in them. Our sponsors are a big part of our Nordic Scoot Community, and they are the glue that keeps us united.

If you are interested in knowing more about how you can become one of our sponsors and contribute to Scooter Riding Sports' success, then reach out to us now. 

We welcome you aboard and hope to have a long, exciting, and adventurous ride.


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